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Bottled cokes are so cute (Taken with Instagram)


Black and gold mish mash


Gold Leaf Chevron Nails


Colour Changing Mood Polish Mix’n Match nails - Read More!

Via fuck yeah nail art!


Divergence mani


Solid gold stripes


Splatter Manicure

1. Begin by painting your nails with a light-colored polish. We used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

2. Dip a slanted makeup brush or small paintbrush in a bright, saturated polish. Next, quickly dip the polish-covered brush in a bit of nail polish remover to thin it out.

3. Channel your inner preschooler and pull back on the brush to splatter polish across your nails. It’s a messy process, so make sure you’re working on a covered surface!

4. Continue splattering with as many polishes as you’d like (We used three bright colors).

5. Now comes clean-up. Begin by using a remover-soaked cotton ball to wipe away the splatters on your hands and fingers. After most of the splatters are cleaned up, switch to a small remover-dipped makeup brush to clean up the skin right around your nails.

6. Add a top coat and get ready to answer “How did you do that?” for the rest of the day. This is such a fun, unexpected look!

(Source: dvnyshv)

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